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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Costa Rica pacific coast route

Day 5 ( 542 km)

After a great breakfast buffet from the hotel, we left 7:30 am for the trip to the Panamanian border on a nice fast paved road through the rolling hills toward Punterenas on the pacific coast.  Close to it, I made a wrong turn and ended up on small mountain roads, which had  incredible scenery and finally hit the right road towards Quepos, a beach town further south on the pacific. By doing this, you avoid the capital San Jose and before we realized,  we were  only 200 km from  the Panamanian border  “Paso Canoas” and then the flood started, and we were soaking wet and drove over 2 hours in a downpour.
We could see hardly anything and it felt like hail and then Scotty’s motorcycle quit running on top off this with similar problems I had.
I just found out earlier today what my fuel problem was and as Doug suggested….Take the fuel filter out…..and that solved my problem and Scotty’s as well.
We bought some fuel hose and in no-while we were on our way again in the rain.
At Paso Canoas, what is actually the only commercial land border, Panama has, there must have been a thousand trucks and everybody trying to get paperwork done, so after pushing, shouting, playing ignorant, they took care of ours, because they felt pity with us seeing us soaking wet and just before dark, we left the border and hoping to find an hotel, which didn’t show up for almost 2 hours till we reach a little place called San Felix,  about an 100km from the border and we called it the day around 8pm, worn out and still wet! Threw  all our luggage in our  small A/C room, went quick to get a meal on the highway, where we asked directions for the hotel, before all was shut down and after this returned to the room, to take care of all the wet stuff.
A small a/c was in the room and out of experience all the wet clothes will be dry by tomorrow and it was!
No internet, so this update will be done hopefully tomorrow in Panama City.

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