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Friday, November 16, 2012

South, to see if we can cross the Orinoco River

Day 20 (309 km)

     The a/c was freezing last night, but at least all our clothes, bags are dry now, had to fix the exhaust, but the threads were gone so I made the best out of it and we left for San Fernando. An hour later we reached this big dump city with a lot of unorganized traffic, asked for directions how to get to Cabruta on the Orinoco, but nobody knew where I was talking about and almost gave up till one truck driver explained it to me and he sounded, he knew where he was talking about.
     After finally getting into the direction he wanted us to go, I realized he was sending me to the Colombian border in the south where the Orinoco Venezuela enters.

Orinoco River
Orinoco River
     But then the gas was cheap, so we decided to continue and just before 2 pm  I lost a part of my exhaust (The part I fixed this morning) and had a hard time finding it, but Scotty found it on the end. Continued to Puerto Paiz, looking if someone could tag aluminum, but nobody could, till someone ribbed it and now it is finally in good shape. The road from San Fernando was almost a straight road of 240 km through the same landscape as yesterday, all you saw was cows and underwater savanna, with the typical wild live, hardly any cars, houses, we came across and it was hot, the sun boiling and must have drank 2 gallons of water!

Orinoco River

In the evening we checked the Orinoco River out and realized we had to take a barge ferry to get across for $1.00, what we will do tomorrow.

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