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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Last day to La Ceiba!

Day 32 (291 Km)

  Last day, so we left Siguatepeque kind of early to have an easy ride to La Ceiba. We had to reach around 1 pm to put our bikes on the freight boat the Utila Express and Scotty went with the Yate to Utila that day and I stayed one more day in La Ceiba. During the ride to La Ceiba, almost towards the end, I heard the chain and sprockets making once in a while a banging noise and thought, this was a pretty time to act funny about 50 km before La Ceiba. I even stopped and inspected the parts, but saw nothing wrong and continued on slow speed to La Ceiba. We reached the dock in one piece and somehow I was glad the trips were over and did what we had to do and that was "Go Ushuaia and back to Honduras" and visit all the other 19 countries in between! So 40.000 km later, with lots of worn out tires, chains, sprockets, radiators and carburetor problems and do not forget my 13 flat tires, we made it in one piece.


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