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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Punta del Este, Uruguayan Riviera.

Day 39 (295 km)

     On our rest day, we decided to visit Punta del Este, what is about 150 km to the east on the southern shoreline. It is the playing garden of Uruguayans, Argentinians and even Brazilians nowadays and has very nice beaches and lot of restaurants and terraces along side the boulevards and full of people. The weather was sunny, but I am sure the water would be cold this time of the year. Had 2 lunches in 2 different beach towns and we were enjoying the seafood for a change, first meal mussels in wine sauce and 2 hours later Calamares! 


 We had to take a photo of the hand sticking out of the sand, a famous landmark of Punta del Este!

       On the way back, I am still amazed of the lack of traffic in Montevideo, even downtown there are hardly any cars driving the wide one way streets, but then there are only 3 million people living in whole Uruguay!

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  1. Looks like an adventurous trip! I have been living in Uruguay for six years. Good pictures of Punta del Este. I think you went to Montevideo at a good time - because sometimes there is a lot of traffic. Good luck for the rest of your journey!