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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Uruguay, no one lives outside Montevideo, except cows

Day 37 (535 km)

     Left today the first time before sunrise and it was pretty cold this time of the day, but that was because of the speed we were driving, full out. In no while we reached the Uruguayan border by Concordia and Salto on the other side of the wide river and the road across was actually a dam and it was pretty impressive! The immigration and aduana from Uruguay and Argentina were located in the same building, so within 10 minutes all was done and a new country in front of us.

        We forgot to fill up on the Argentina side for a dollar a liter and soon after 100 km in Uruguay we almost ran out of gas, due to the lack of gas stations, actually there were no houses or people as well, only grass pieces and sheep and cows. Luckily one little settlement had a grocery store what sold us 20 liters for $ 40.00 US.   

     After another 100 km a little town showed  up where we had lunch and topped our gas tanks off, again $ 2.00 a liter. Uruguay is so far the most expensive country, if it comes to gasoline!  After more as 500 km, we called it quits in Durazno, about 200 km before the capital of Montevideo. Looked for a hostel with wifi and found one around 4 pm and their internet is fast!

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