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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

San Ignacio de Velasques

Day 16 (0 km)

     Spend in the early hours of the night some time updating my blog, enjoying the decent internet connection, gave all our laundry from the last 2 weeks to the girl in the hotel and she said it would all be ready by noon. Then we went looking for gas around 8 am and found a big line-up by the only gas station, waiting on the tanker to come and discharge gas, so two and a half hours later, we got filled up and only paid the local price again in stead of the gringo price, which is 3 times more expensive!

Gas station line-up
   Laundry wasn't dry at noon and it started to rain, so we decided to spend another night in the nice hotel and leave next day to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, what supposed to be a 8 hour drive.
Washed the bike, what was needed for $ 2.00 and all looks brand new again
Trying to find a restaurant, what serves something different as what we had the last 15 days, but that seems impossible.

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