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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Colon interior, there we come!

Day 4 (35 miles)

After a hot night, we took off for the village of Sico, before they washed our bikes @ the pension and our chains were lubricated, the gas tank filled up @ $ 5.00 a gallon, so we were ready for the dust again  , but at least we were getting in the hills, so we getting some cooler air, what was desperately needed.

   We got to an altitude off 1000 ft and had a nice view of the ocean.

Crossed the wide river (Rio Tinto) , just before Sico and 5 minutes later, we reached Sico and checked in a decent hotel for $ 10.00. The lights, they say, will come on at 6 pm till 10 pm and that would be it for the whole day, but they have cold Miller light, so that made the day for me.
I realized that in the smallest places they have Corona and other foreign beer, but hardly domestic beer, because then they have to return the empties!!

Water crossing again!

After a small brake , we decided to make a run for Las Champas, about 10 miles or so south and we hit every obstacle you can think about. We got stuck in quicksand, had to go through one foot of water and more water crossings on barges. Anyway we came back to Sico around 4 and decided it is Miller time, till the lights come on, then rest a little bit with a fan on top of you and will have supper in a few minutes with Miller light again, they were playing karaoke with Ranchero music loud and I know, I could sing better, so actually we were glad when the lights got off
Child labour!!

That's when I decided, that's enough for today

Cattle on the road, only about 500 of them, but they were tame, looks that anyway!


  1. Miller Light?

    You must think your in Heaven!

    Take some pictures of the Narcos... I dare you!

    ...just kidding.

  2. You have experience a totally new place. And from your pictures it is totally found to be that you have entertained a lot. And you are very happy while visiting these places.