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Monday, January 17, 2011

The first 100 miles

Day 2 (106 miles)

Today started good and received my title of the Kawasaki at nine in the morning and after doing a few odds and ends we left midday towards Trujillo and were cruising 50 mph and trying to avoid potholes and there were plenty of them, but the bike was singing and started to get the hang of it.

The weather was hot and soon the helmet start to give me a stiff neck and my behind start getting sore and start moving around to get comfort, while driving. Tocoa showed up and we had our first stop to get something to drink and after a while we got to the bridge close to Trujillo, but there was nothing left anymore and the only way to get across was a wooden barge and we saw and a raging river out of control
Scotty went first and after seeing how he did it, I decided to walk the bike on the barge instead of driving it up the ramp.

We barely made it across, and tomorrow we have to go over it again or drive 50 miles around it, we think we will drive around it !!
Ended up in a comfortable hotel with airco for the night and Scotty went town to ease his nerves, he said

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