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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dust, water crossings and sand!

Day 3 (109 miles)


We left around 8:30  after we had breakfast and decided  not to take the same road back to get across the same raging river with a small wooden barge, but ended up on a dirt road to get around it , what took us 2 hours and swallowing dust from oncoming traffic and the road was terrible


We fuelled up in Bonita Oriental and continued to Iriona and hit the first police check were they stopped us, we knew each other from Utila and let's leave it like that, where he was stationed a year ago.
 We had a short talk and we continued and hit the dirt road again. after some water crossings

 we ended up in Iriona and a barge was waiting for us to get across the Congrecalaya river.

The other side is where we supposed to take the beach road to Palacios in the Mosquitia, but after 5 minutes I gave up .

We couldn't keep the motorcycles up in the mull sand and after falling down, I decided to return and took the barge again and drank 2 gallons of water to get over this exhausted event. Decided to stay in the only pension they had, took a well needed shower and called it the day with a few beers.


  1. Any flat tires yet?

  2. This looks like TOO MUCH FUN!!
    I want to go on your next trip. I'll meet you in Argentina