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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rio Sereno, quiete border off the beaten track.

Friday 24 June 2011

Border Rio Sereno, Panama

    Leaving David in the morning and took a nice winding road to the Rio Sereno border, which was recommended a lot of times to use instead of the Canoas crossing. Getting there early, we had the bad luck there was no electricity and that meant, we could not check out our bikes and get through Panamanian customs and without there exit stamp in our passports, we were not allowed to enter in Costa Rica, so we waited nearby four hours, till a lot of people had gathered there with the similar problems and then suddenly at 3 pm it was possible to cross, so it was all day crap arguments , that you couldn't cross without no electricity!
Anyway we still had valid motorcycle insurance from 2 weeks ago when we entered from Nicaragua, so the Costa Rica side went fast and hit  very bad dirt road to the nearest small village about 10 miles away and after that it changed into paved road with pot holes to get further into Costa Rica, We were still high-up so the weather was cool, but soon it started to drizzle and a little later it poured and reached San Isidro and looked for a road hotel and checked in and tried to dry our clothes again.

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