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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to the Capital, but first to the Caribbean to see the Gatun Locks

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Street view Yaviza
Street view Yaviza
    Left to go back and soon after passing the same military posts and checked us out we reached the outskirts of the airport where we made a right turn to see the Gatun locks, where the ships entered the Panama canal from the Atlantic side. During our trip towards Colon, I lost Scotty in traffic and for the first time I realized, we did not had a back up plan in the event, this would happen to us and because we were talking earlier about the Gatun locks, I continued by my self, hoping I would catch up with him. I decided to take the toll road to see how it felt to go full out and close to Colon it started to rain and I took refugee under an overpass and surprisingly an half an hour later Scotty passed full speed not even noticing me and had to jump quick and chase him to catch up

 The locks were nice and we were lucky to see the last ship for the week pass through and were the only visitors. They were going to close for a week to do maintenance and were making new locks for bigger ships to get through. After our visit Scotty wanted to go to Portobello on the coast, which is an harbor north of Colon and an hour later reached there, looked around drank a beer and saw all the sailboats anchored in the harbor, most of them ready to go to Colombia and this would be one of our options to get the bikes to South America next year. Stopped at the old fort, took a picture and headed back to our guest house in Panama City, where we reached after dark, went to the same restaurant again , watch some soccer, Honduras was playing and went back to the house

Yaviza, back to Panama is a straight new road for the first 60 miles

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