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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back in the good old USA, I meant Honduras!

Tuesday 28 June 2011

    Leon was a nice town and enjoyed it and has its charm, but we were heading for Honduras and wanted to take the next border, instead the 2 we already did, so we ended up in Somotillo on the Nicaraguan side and Guasaule on the Honduras side. both borders went fast and had no trouble, The Honduran police wanted to be smart and asked about the self made plates and I had to laugh and did not even answer him and showed him the papers and the Honduran permit I could drive without plates in Honduras, like he was not aware of this and wanted to shake me down. Anyway we left and after a few more police checks we ended up in Choleteca a heaven came loose and it pured more rain as I ever saw for about an hour and we were soaking wet again including the luggage.

After the rain, the sun came out and by the time we reached Amapala our clothes we were wearing were almost dry. Amapala is a small Island and had plans to go across with a small lancha, but after looking the size and the waves, we cancelled and didn't want to take the risks and turned back to San Lorenzo, where we stayed in an expensive but shitty hotel on the main road. It was the only one open, the other ones were closed by the tax people for not paying there sales tax 

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