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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Entering Panama on the Caribbean side

Sunday  19 June 2011

    Left Sunday morning around 7 am after having a good breakfast next to the hotel and decided to go to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side, close to the Panama border to check out the beach scene. Following road 4 towards the main intersection San Jose - Limon took about 3 hours. Took a rest stop and a half hour later continued. I lost my rain protectors from my saddle bags and turned back to find it and was lucky. Then I tried to catch up with Scotty and after I while, I saw him stopped on the side of the road, talking to a moter police guy and slowed down and parked behind Scotty and this guy was coming towards me with his Speed Gun , trying to show me 124 km and thought Scotty was in deep shit, but then he said , I was making this speed and said he was crazy and that the hour didn't match up the time of the day. Then he start threatening with $ 600.00 fines and have to see the judge tomorrow and kept my license and start taken off my license plate.

I told him , I will prove the judge tomorrow my speed with all my gadgets, I have on my KLR such as Spot Locator, GPS and a passive tracking device, called Itrail, that he was trying to rip me off and will lodge a complaint with the Ministery of Tourism and started taken pictures of him and his license plate.
To make the story short, we went on our way 5 minutes later after giving him money to buy a coke ( A small one), soon we reached Limon and made a right towards Panama and 2 hours later we reached Puerto Viejo and drove along the beach which was loaded with hippy's and a bunch of German tourists, parked the bikes and sat on a terrace to get something to eat and discuss what to do next. All these Germans was not my style to be around and suggested to see if we could cross into Panama before dark on a Sunday and so we went.

We arrived around 4 pm the border Sixaola and were checked out of Costa-Rica in 5 minutes, then had to cross the famous train bridge with the loose and missing planks, what wasn't actually a big deal.

The Panamanian side, Gaubito, was open till 5 pm so we had to hurry to get passed and all was working out fine and an hour later we were on our way to the next town Chinguinola, which we reached before dark, checked in a reasonable good hotel for $20.00, which had a restaurant next door with gold Atlas beer for $ 0.50 US, Had a couple, with a good meal

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