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Thursday, June 30, 2011

El poy, this is the last border to cross this trip

Thursday 30 June 2011

Left early, because we had plans to reach Tela, Honduras tonight and continued our way towards the Salvador Capitol, had some breakfast in a fancy rest stop and we were the only customers and the food was good and plentyful.

Hit the road again and just before San Salvador , we made a right and went North towards the Honduran border, which was probably another hour to go, till we got to a line up of cars and trucks standing still.

We tried to find out what happened and the rumors was, that there was a bad accident around the corner and that an bus slid off a mountain, through a landslide and pretty soon we saw all the ambulances, Helicopters and the military coming to the rescue scene. Curious as I was, I walked towards the scene and saw the rescue in progress and saw a lot of injured and dead people on stretchers and everybody running, climbing walls, so I thought this is it for today! Standing around for a while, I start to realize it was an exercise with a realistic reenactment  from all the different rescue groups. 

After an hour the exercise was over and we could continue again and a little later , we reached the border El Poy

After leaving this border in a few minutes, we started to climb towards 2100 meter on a beautiful mountain road and past the 18 wheelers, who were barely making 10 miles an hour. On top of the mountain it was nice a sunny and stopped for a beer and were watching the impressive scenery

After the stop we had still 4 hours to go to Tela, but the road was in very decent condition and 6 pm , we rolled into Tela, and went looking for an Hotel a aquintance of Scotty owned and they had  a similar agreement if they were visiting each other hotel, so they gave us the presidential suite downstairs with all the amenities against cost price. It was a very nice gesture and we had dinnernwith the son of the owner later that night.

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