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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ended up in Leon, the old capitol

Monday 27 June 2011

   We heard about the horror stories of the dirt road from San Carlos towards Managua, this road is on the east side of lake Nicaragua, but to our surprise, the road was brand new, special made for us and the asfelt was still smelling fresh! So in no while we hit the main road from Rama to Managua and a little later entered Managua. Didn't want to stay here and tried to reach Leon in the north west of the country and was always mentioned in the guide books as a must place to see.

So we continued and we passed Lake Managua on our right side for a while and made a rest stop. We saw a fellow motorcycle rider, cleaning up himself after he must have hit the pavement and we could see he needed help. Scotty walked up to him, but he told Scotty, he could manage himself and ignored us, looking at his license plate, which was German, explained it all.

The place was very busy with a nice downtown with old colonial buildings, ate for a change some Chinese food and the hotel was 2 blocks away from the center, secured our bikes on the street and hit the town for it's night live

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