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Friday, June 17, 2011

Reached La Fortuna in Cost a Fortune

 Friday 17 June 2011

    Left San Juan del Sur and when we hit the Pan American Highway, we made a left to get to Costa Rica, what was not too far away. Scotty reached the border first and he was talking to an old cop and when I came along side, He wanted to give me an infraction for not stopping, these people must be crazy and are still living in their own little world which reminds me how it was during the DDR time in Germany. after ignored him we continued to the crossing which was a few 100 yards away and this old cop kept running behind us, eventually we were on the Costa Rica side and after spending some serious time to get our paperwork done, we left the border and got confronted with a 18wheeler strike what had the road blocked on all sides. After slowly kris crossing the parked trucks for a few miles, we had the road for our selves and took the dirt road to La Fortuna, which was terrible for the first 30 miles, we had a good lunch and hit paved road to Fortuna from here and gor there before dark and checked into a motel type hotel for $ 50.00. We decided to stay 2 nights and hit the town an hour later, which was loaded with high school students from the USA.
We had a very good steak and some beer, but we realized, this was Costa Rica and everything is at least double here. On the way back we gave our dirty clothes to the cleaning lady and took a good night rest and didn't had to get up early tomorrow


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