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Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking the Congrejal river road to get to Olanchito

Monday 13 June 2011

Higher and higher
Horse trail up the Mountain
    We had an early start and left before 8 up the mountain road and crossed a few bridges and ended up an hour later in Uracco, where the dirt road stopped and continued in my eyes as a horsetrail. 
On the GPS,  it looked only 10 miles more to go and started to continue and the trail became smaller,  more slippery and harder to ride and soon I lost Scotty in my mirrors and having a hard time myself, I decided to wait on Scotty, but after 15 minutes, I realized, something went wrong and walked down the mountain for a while, where I found Scotty upside down in the gutters and his KLR hanging over a cliff leaking out the gas. After sitting down in the heat for a while, exhausted, we took all the gear off his bike and after a while got his bike on the trail again with some cosmetic dents, but not running yet.  The engine was flooded or worse and after having a gallon of water drank and we got it started and continued again. Scotty had not his day today and fell a few times more and the reason was that his legs were too short, to find his balance, when needed on this trail-horse, skimming the edges of the mountain. 3 hours later, we hit the main dirt road between Olanchito and Yoro, was glad we made it in one piece and proud, we concurred the short cut over the mountain and took a right and stopped at the first cantina to get some much needed liquid in our system.  two hours later we reached Yoro on a very decent dirt road and looked for an hotel with A/C. &  internet, took a well deserved shower and hit the small town to get something to eat

Bridge towards Yoro

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