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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fishing the Rio Paraguay as a pro!

Day 13 (149 km)

     Mosquitoes had us crazy and no fan and intense heat, I do not understand how these people can live here in 40 Celcius all year, so we got up got some buffet breakfast with all the other fisherman and around 7 arranged a boat with driver and all the gear and bait for a half a day for $ 125.00. which was not bad I think. On the river there was some relieve of the heat and we had the icebox stacked with goodies. The guide took us for at least 45 minutes up the river where all the other boats were drifting to catch fish, after a few pulls, I finally got one, a "Cashara" no idea what it is, but looks like a bottom dweller, catfish!

     So after we got back around noon we had lunch and decide to go back to the civilized world and left 1 pm for the 4 hour ride on the dirt road back to Pocone where there was some AC and cheap cold beer. during our return trip, we saw even more animals on the road, even 2 or 3 variety of deer and some other strange animals.                  

It must have rained earlier that day and that turned this road in a sliding mudpool and it became hard to drive faster as 25 km per hour so that caused us to get late in Pocone, I almost had a heatstroke, the sun was unbelievable hot, checked into an hotel with A/C  and took it easy for the rest of the night.

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