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Monday, March 25, 2013

Argentina “auto piste” towards Uruguay.

Day 36 (405 km)

         Went looking for a bike shop and found one nearby and told him to change the sprockets and chain and an hour later and $ 14.00 US poorer, I was ready to go again. Scotty needed to change his back tire so the guy took us to a friend and there we found out what the problem actually was with my Brazilian tire. The guy showed me the inside of the tire and said it was no good and the wall was collapsed and rough and that caused all my headaches with flat tires in the past, so we condemned that tire and I went back to the hotel to get the second old back tire I had! 

Around 11 am, we left and tried to make some good time on the road to Uruguay and rode 400 km on beautiful paved road and ended up an hour before the Uruguayan border in a small town called Mocoreta. Found a small road hotel for $ 16.00 for two, with hot water, Ac and cheap beer, so the day ended good!

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