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Friday, March 29, 2013

Right across the river from Buenos Aires, Colonia

Day 40 (230 km)

    In the morning. we went to the Naval Museum, which was small, but interesting and the main story line of the museum was the sinking of the "The Graf Spee" a German vessel, by its own

captain during world war two. Returning to the hotel, we packed up again and rode to Colonia to the west of Montevideo (200 km) and had a hard time finding a sleeping place, everything was filled up for the Good Friday and on the end ended up in a dorm style youth hostel!

   Still trying to figure out how to go to Argentna. We have 2 options 1) take the ferry across or 2) drive 400 km around and go to Fray Bentos, that is where they started to making and invented the famous corn beef.

Will figure this out tomorrow!

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