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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Uyuni, one more place of my bucket list!


Day 24 (220 km)

            Left after breakfast and had a hard time finding the road out of town to Uyuni. The road was recently paved all the way and was very impressive and ran the whole time 3500 meter up to 4200 meter high. It was windy and the motorcycles have almost no power in this altitude, but were still running and starting great. The road had thousands of lamas all over the place and you had to be carefully, they won’t jump on the road. The scenery was one out of a hundred and after every curve even more spectacular.

We took our time and took a lot of pictures and soon we were closing in on Uyuni. I was a few miles ahead of Scotty and decided to wait on him on top of one of the passes and a few minutes later a car stopped, waved to me and told me that the other motorcycle driver was fallen down and needed me to drive back. Quick, I turned around and found a few miles down the mountain Scotty standing on the side of the road with the motorcycle on the side and all of his luggage on the side of the road as well. He told me, pointing to the curve below,  a little of sand was on the road and the tire didn’t like it and the bike dropped, luckily he only hurted one hand (road rash) and shaved his pants leg and the motorcycle had a few scratches more, so did his saddle bags, what got the worst out of it!

After taking a break and reorganize everything we continued the last 20 km and drove into Uyuni, looked for a hotel, a tour agency, to arrange a tour for tomorrow in the ”Salar the Uyuni”, what has the biggest salt flats of the world.

We saw a glimpse of it when we descended to Uyuni the last 5 km.

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