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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flat tires keeps hunting me, but made Sucre, Bolivia 2800 meters high

Day 20 (305 km)

Left before sunset Pojo and we didn’t sleep at all, the room had no ventilation, windows, fan and had plenty mosquitos. It was another 2 hours towards the junction and reached 3200 meters and when we left, it was drizzling and an hour later it cleared up. From the junction we had to go south to Sucre and had our breakfast here, filled up with cheap gas and took off south. 10 minutes later my first flat again, went back to town to fix it with our last spare inner tube and was back in an hour, installed everything again to get a second flat 5 minutes later.

Disgusted and upset I waved the truck down, we just passed and asked where he was heading. Sucre he said and asked him to take the motorcycle as freight and we agreed for $30.00 to get to Sucre, which is the big city and hopefully can deal once and for all with this annoying issue, so far I had 8 flats!

Scotty was following the truck and me sitting inside in the back, eating dust and bouncing around for 7 hours and was watching the mountain views and all day we drove between 2500 meters and 3200 meters. The driver and his wife invited us to stay at his house and will help us the next day to get it all sorted out! We reached his house around 8 pm, bought a few beers and chicken and soon after that, tired felt asleep.

Tomorrow Sunday, bad day to start looking in shops parts, but we will see tomorrow what happens!

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