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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Montevideo, Uruguay finally!

Day 38 (199 km)

       Today was the shortest time we rode on the motorcycle and before noon we reached Montevideo, Uruguay, what supposed to be the end of our trip! But as always plans change, so did ours. We got an offer to park our Motorcycles in Mar del Plata, Argentina, where one of my old wetbag instructors (Diego) originally is from. At the moment he is living in Singapore with his Japanese wife, she was an old divemaster @ Cross-Creek as well, but his brother will arrange the storage of the bikes in Mar del Plata, so we will meet him in the next few days, before returning to Honduras till the end of the year! 

         So resting 2 days in Montevideo is our schedule right now and sorting out how to get the moto's by ferry to Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday and then drive the final 400 km to Mar del Plata. There we will clean up the bikes, luggage and do some maintenance and then take the bus back to Buenos Aires next Wednesday and board late afternoon our free flight on points to Honduras, changing planes in Rio and Houston, so we get Thursday morning in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and then fly out to Utila in the afternoon.

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