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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Riding through German small towns in Paraguay

Day 35 (379 km)

Left in cloudy weather Ciudad de Este to the Argentina border, but we didn’t want to go through Brazil, while us not sure if we were getting problems with the bikes, so we went over a new paved road through Paraguay to the city of Encarnacion. We stopped a few times and all we saw were German businesses and German advertisements, even the people had German features and most of them were talking German among themselves and all the restaurants and bars had German products.

It was almost surreal and being it Sunday, they all went for brunch to their own fancy restaurants and Sunday bands were playing German music all over the place. Around 3 pm we crossed the border and the procedure was fast, because we were already in the Argentina system and could stay with the bikes again till the 19th of November and collected 2 more stamps in my passport. Scotty’s passport been filled up and I asked them to stamp his entry stamps on top of others.

After I got rid of my “flat tire syndrome”, I started to get a new one now involving the chain problems, which I heard banging the last few days and as well slipping. Finally after the chain getting too loose every day, I found out what the problem was, namely the teeth of the rear sprocket were gone and it must have happened according Scotty in the last week, because he cleaned my sprocket recently and didn’t see any wear and tear. Anyway I decided to stop in a small place where I saw a hotel and wait till Monday to change the sprockets and probably chain as well. It was a good thing we have a spare set with us and it was five o’clock anyway!

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