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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Most difficult day on a motorcycle to laguna Colorada, Bolivia!

Day 27 (80 km)

         We had to get up early to have breakfast together with 4 other guest, who had to leave early to go back to Uyuni with a jeep The breakfast was first class and between the 2 meals and room, was only $36.00 each. Had all my stuff packed already and had a hard start in this freezing weather; it was just above freezing and the motorcycles do not like this weather.

                Scotty’s did not start and soon the battery was dead and had to use my battery to get her started and after a 90 minutes delay we were on our way. Just out of town, we guessed the wrong road, but soon we got the right one and start climbing to 4600 meter and it looks like a moon landscape, but the road had lots of thick sand and ruts and it was hard to keep the moto upright and the speed we were doing was 20 to 25 km an hour, but you had to concentrate, so the moto would not drop.

                Soon we came across the first lagoon and had plenty flamingo’s in it and the surrounding mountains with snow caps were all around is. Two hours later, I finally dropped the bike and got stuck under it and between Scotty trying to lift it off me and I getting my leg freed, we succeeded and got the bike standing again, waited a few minutes and tried to start the bike again. After a few minutes, I succeeded and we continued again without any damage on the bike and me and around one we saw in the distance “laguna Colorada” in all his colors. They made a national park out of it all the way to the Chilean border, but personally think it was just to collect the $ 25.00 fee, we had to pay. The last 20 km were the hardest drive experience, I ever had, between a hauling 70 knot wind, sand road and we even encountered a dust devil of at least 200km an hour and almost lifted me and the bike, but did sandblast me. Anyway we only did 80 km and took us four hours and I am wore out
                Finally we reached the pension type accommodation, what could have been out the Middle Ages, with some hard beds; no shower and it will freeze tonight here @ 4500 meters. It is the meeting point of all the jeeps, that doing tours with tourist in the area, so lot of foreign people her under primitive conditions. Don’t know yet if there is dinner and they will start up a generator for only 2 hours @ 7 pm.
So hopefully our bikes start tomorrow and we will end up in civilized Chile, we plan to get up on turns every 2 hours to start the bikes!

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