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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunburned on the Salt lakes of Uyuni

Day 25 (0 km)

        The tour as arranged, did not start to almost noon and finally on our way. We went first  to the old train junk yard and after that to a dumb close to the salt lakes where they were selling crap to tourists and had a small lunch there, after that we went to the salt lakes what was impressive and saw the salt hotel, but after an hour or so, I seen it all and meanwhile got sunburned in the face of all the glitter of the sun on the white surface of the salt flats.

       Tour returned around five, drank a few beers to get rid  of the dust and had our last dinner for a few days, because the next 2 days we will be in no mans land and visit the famous Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde on the Chilean border and as far as we know, no facilities at all, 5000 meters high and no gas and that is if the bikes keep up and no flats!

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