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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leaving the mountains and heading for Paraguay 1300 km away!

Day 30 (357 km)

       Got up 8 am to have breakfast and strolled afterwards through the village, what had a market for the tourists to buy crap, packed up the bikes and left 11 am to go towards Salta.
On the way there were a lot of demonstrations and just like in Honduras, the only way they can bring their cause over, is to block highways, but we were lucky and they always let us pass and by closing all these highways, we were lucky and ended up on a road, I did not know about and actually got us quicker to RN-16, which is 700 km long in a straight line to Resistencia in the east of Argentina, close to Paraguay.

Around 6 pm it was enough and ended up in a place called Joaquim V. Gonzalez and had an authenticate parilla dinner with all the meat you wanted and all kinds! The owner was Portugese/French and was stuck in this part of the world and had some interesting stories.
late we went back to the guest house.

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