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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hard day work, getting to San Ignacio, Bolivia

Day 15 (324 km)

     The room in the Hotel was only $ 15.00, but it had a/c and hot water what I didn't need, went to look for gas @ 6 am and found the only one open a little out of town, filled the tank up for $ 0.50 a liter and was charged the local price, because legally they can charge you 3 times as much. i should have enough gas now to make the next town. Went back into town to do my passport and 8 am I was by the customs for my bike papers. Waited till 9 am to find out that from today on there office was integrated with the Brazilian customs on the Brazilian side, so pissed off, we drove the 10 miles back to the border, where the Brazilian police was hassling us to take off our luggage and search it while the new Custom office was in sight 200 meters down the road.

      After the office inauguration we were the first customers for the Bolivians on Brazilian territory and an hour later we had the permit and went back to Bolivia again. The heat was already in the forties celcius, so had to make a pitch stop first, before taking of for the 6 hour trip to San ignacio on a dirt road. In the beginning the road was pretty good and packed and was able to drive 80 km with no problem, the last 100 km was done in horror and that just took more as 4 hours by itself and we were sliding from left to right on the wet road, what turned it into a skating ring, it must have rained earlier that day heavy!

    After dark, we reached wore out and full of red mole dust, the city of San Ignacio and checked into the first hotel, which was actually sofar in our trip, the one had the most value for $ 28.00, took a shower and hit the plaza to get some Bolivian beer!
I think we are becoming experts in beer tasting in South America!

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