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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trying to get in Bolivia on a Sunday

Day 14 (290 km)

        No sleep last night for loud music in a bar across the Hotel, but at least they had the decency to stop 6 am, so we hanged around the a/c room till 11 am and then took off for Caceres to see if we could get our passports stamped out of Brazil, because as was told there are no Brazilian formalities possible at the actual border.
         Left Pocone around 10:30, filled up with gas and hit the road to Caceres, 2 hours later in a few rainstorms, we made it there and looked for the police federales to see if they wanted to stamp us out of Brazil on Sunday and they did, had a bite to eat and took off for the border 100km away on a road only us was driving on.

On the end a military check point, but nobody ask us for papers and basically waved us through, even on the Bolivian side, nobody cared us entering and they did not even tell us where to get entry stamps or moto paperwork done, so we went to next village San Mathias and asked around, but nobody had a clue, checked into an hotel just in time before the rain started. Found an immigration office later, but is closed till Monday 7:30, tomorrow I will look for the aduana office for the bike papers!

There was a sign on the border what says 317 km to San Ignacio and 761 km to Santa Cruz, this will be hard kilometers on red mole dirt road and hope it didn’t rain too much lately, otherwise it will be a hell of a trip. They say there might be gas in San Ignacio; I do not have enough gas to get even there, but will figure this out tomorrow. Also my first impression is that everything is half price compared with Brazil.

I cannot believe I am saying this, but was glad to hear Spanish again, so that they can understand me again and I can explain myself again, if I needed something. Portuguese sounds to me as bad Polish and had trouble the last 2 weeks to get my point across many times

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