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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good day in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Day 18 ( 293 km)

         Did not sleep good last night, thinking about all the mishaps of yesterday, so got up 5 am and start taking the wheel back off again and started from scratch, made a new belt of an old inner tube, which protect the inner tube of getting damaged, before I put it on, I sanded the rim and placed a hole role of black electricity tape over the spoke bolts, then a new inner tube and I decided to use my old spare tire instead of the new tire, just recently bought in Brazil, to eliminate where the problem is. 
       Anyway around 10 we took off for Santa Cruz, which is the biggest city in Bolivia and was hoping the tire would hold up, which it did so far after 300 km.

We reached Santa Cruz around 3 pm and reached the center of town in no while and checked into a decent hotel next to the plaza with the cathedral.

Scotty had a run in with a corrupt transito cop, while I was checking  the hotel out inside and when I came out, I send the guy away to harass  someone else, what he did on the end after I gave him my point of few and by not being in Brazil, he understood me very quickly in Spanish!

 The city impressed me how up to date everything is and a lot of money is flowing around here! Went for a walk into the centre which were loaded with people and had a good atmosphere. drank a few beers with a snack and called it the day. Sill did not get my full confidence  back in the bike, but at least I didn't ended up having another flat

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