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Monday, March 18, 2013

Leaving Chile, entering Argentia using the Jama pass.

Day 29 (440 km)

Met some cool people last night in the Hostal and played pool till the wee morning. They were from Foz do Iguazo and that was actually one of our destinations, so w exchanged addresses to meet up again by the famous waterfalls.
                Left the nexy morning for the Argentine border by using the Jama pass, so we had to backtrack 40 km from yesterday, so went up the mountain again and soon were once again above 4000 meter on a beautiful asfalted road and it started to get chilly and getting frozen fingers. It was 160 km from San Pedro de Atacama to the border and two and a half hours later reached. They processed us quickly and gave us 90 days to stay, but what was more important; they gave the bikes eight months legal entry.

The road “RN-52” is the most beautiful road, I ever seen in my live and was a combination of the Grand Canyon, Zion National park and the Salt flats of Utah and must have stopped at least 50 times to take pictures. On the end of the day, we reached Purmamarca, what was the end of the RN-52 and stayed the night in this quiet tourist village what had a magnificent backdrop of high rock formations in the mountain @ 2300 meter.

For the first time this trip, at least 30 different bikers passed us on their way to Chile and in Purmamarca there was a New Zealand group of twelve bikers, most of them our age, so we had a good evening and talked about our experiences or inexperiences!
Scotty has now problems, starting the bike, because the handlebar switch us malfunctioning and will see tomorrow if we can clean it, instead of coasting down the mountain and putting it into gear too start.!

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