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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Going Valle the Angeles, near Tegus

Day 7 (99 miles)

Today, we decided to go to Valle the Angeles and after a late start, we were on the road towards Talanga,

                   The road was OK and was going up and down through the canyons peaking at 5500ft. After 45 minutes we had our first rest stop in a nice road restaurant and had some drinks and a half hour later we took off for Talanga, where we filled up our tanks and after doing some calculations, I am using one gallon for every 42 miles and Scotty get more as 50 miles every time!!, but then my mechanic in Utila put different jets in my bike, so the engine is not running so lean and made some other tuning modifications, so that's why the difference in consumption

 There was a shortcut through the Mountains from Talanga and reached Valle around 3 pm
It is a nice cobbled stoned colonial village and the art center of Honduras. We checked in a decent hotel and could park our bikes inside the hotel, next to the swimming pool. walked to the mean square and had a bite to eat, then we took a cruise to Santa Lucia, where a fiesta started that day and was full of people, mainly locals from Tegucigalpa, what is for them considered a good pass time in the weekend. The return trip took a half hour and in a few minutes,we hit the town for the evening


  1. Ronald, just got interested in your blog after seeing some traffic coming in from your site to mine.

    Fantastic journey so far, I wish you the best, if you need any information on whats to come, please don't hesitate.

    I appreciate the link on our blog, best of travels



  2. Alex

    Just came accross your comment, thanks, I thought they would email me if there are any comments made, but then, I didn't figure this blog program out, one of the major things is the spell checker!