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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back tracking to Olancho

Day 5 (121 miles)

Today, we started early and left 7:30 from Sico to catch the wooden ferry to get towards Iriona, where we had to go for breakfast and Scottie had to find his shoes, he left behind in the hotel the other day.

        After some (again) water crossings, we made it all the way back to Bonito Oriental, where we took the road south to San Estaban, it was more a dry river bed with obstacles and there was no other traffic,
This was the main  road south to Olancho and around 4 pm we reached San Estaban, Olancho.
We were 9 hours in the saddle and made a whole 121 miles, it doesn't look much, but try it yourself, it is exhausting

       We drove through valleys and today our highest point was 2400 ft and it felt nice and cool. San Estaban is located at 1500 ft. Checked in a hotel with 24 lights and a/c for $ 13.00, not bad for that price.

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  1. Stop by Mel's pad while you're out there. Don't join up with the campesinos in Bonita Oriental, the land barons will disappear ya....