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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going home to paradise (In the Bush in Utila)

Day 12 (200 miles)

                      We loaded up our bags the final time and took of for Puerto Cortez, which is one of the major ports of Central America and continued to San Pedro Sula, which is considered the industrial city of Honduras and probably has one million people living there. It is a hot, humid city, but as I said before. I wanted to see the Kawasaki people and find out our status of our bike plates, which we will need next time!!  

After the usual run around, (it is not their fault) we got out of town, with the promise " by the end of February, we should have it" , So I asked him ..which year? and took off for La Ceiba, making good time to catch the ferry to Utila, but of course in Progresso , they had, as many times before, a manifestation or strike and what they do is, like always, have it on the only bridge. what connects the road with the north and east part of the country and  saw already miles of cars waiting in line to pass. Motorcycles have advantages and soon we where first in line, after evaluating the situation, I talked to the leader and he decided, if we walked the bikes across the bridge, we could do that, but had to wait first 15 minutes ( that was our punishment for asking). They even helped us push the bikes uphill the bridge!! It was a strange experience, but it worked for us.

Soon we where on our way and reach Ceiba where we filled up for the last time, washed the bikes and delivered the bikes this time to the Utila Express. This freight boat is leaving the next day to Utila, so we took the last ferry to Utila @ 4pm and an hour later our road trip was over and we separated our ways after 12 days. About an hour later, we came across each other again in a local bar, called Tranquilla and met some friends, who were interested in our trip and had a few beers!! 

       In the next few days. I will add one more page with my final thoughts and will try to figure out, how I can change the spell checker settings from Spanish to English in this blog program, but most of you probably noticed a lot of spell errors already.

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