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Monday, January 24, 2011

Going to see " My friends" at the Copan border

Day 9 (152 miles)

Today we woke up at 11 degree Celsius and after a good breakfast, Santiago came to see what they had to do to fix the bike and we carried the bike to their workshop and after I saw, that they knew what they were doing, we got the tour of the Hydro plant, which was way bigger, we had ever imagined. After a 2 hour tour, we were impressed and thanked every body and got on a terrible dirt road towards Gracias

Hydro plant area in La Esperanza, Department of Intibuca


Water pressure, what made the turbines spin on the left

Being on this dirt road over almost 7000ft , we ended up again on a brand new paved road and were hauling ass to Gracias, were we had our first " refreshment"

After Gracias, we reached Santa Rosa de Copan and went north on a busy highway, what would bring you to San Pedro Sula. Halfway by La Entrada , we made a left and had another hour to go to get to Copan, where we checked in a hotel at 5 pm, where I stayed many times before and had a good steak dinner that evening. Tomorrow we try to get into Guatemala and even without having plates on the bike, I am sure I can talk my way out of it and convince my "friends" to let us pass. Normally Copan is the most visited spot of Honduras and everybody comes to see the ruins of the Maya culture, which are famous, but we will pass on that, due to that we have been there multiple times                                

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