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Monday, November 5, 2012

D-Day in Bogota

Day 9 (0 km)

       Woke up sore again and it was drizzling outside.  It felt like I was back in Amsterdam again, miserable weather, anyway I thought lets go on their holiday to the cargo terminal, instead of Tuesday as they told us to do on Saturday! 
To see, if the moto's were actually in Bogota and start pressing them a little bit. 
     Streets were empty again and we took a local city bus to the airport and presented ourselves by Girag. Surprisingly in the empty office, there was only one guy sitting from Girag and we asked him, if he knew where our bikes are. He looked at our papers and said they right outside here, just sign these papers and go with them across the road to customs and show us the acte, customs will give you and then you on your way. You could say at the least, we were stunned and went hopeful to customs, where only 2 people were chatting in the building and they were very helpful in processing our papers and in an half an hour, we returned to Girag with the stamped papers. 
     they already had the bikes parked outside and after repacking , checking things over, we started the bikes and of course I had the bad luck she didn't want to start and after getting an empty battery, I had to swap batteries with Scotty and an hour later, I had her going, but running irregular and couldn't get her to idle properly.

Anyway we decided to make it to the hotel and look there if we get it to run better, maybe there was water in the carburetor or the altitude took affect, also filling her up with gas might help! So we were looking for a gas station as well, but there are none sofar, can not believe yet that in a city with a couple of million people, I can not find any gas station. 
     Reached the hotel and the owner said just park the moto's inside, to do that you had to go 5 steps high and through a door smaller as the width of the handle bars, but we managed and I tried to repair all sort of things in the parlor of the hotel. 
  I figured already out, that it is not water, because I drained the carburetor, so will see what the engine does tomorrow......... beer time now.

Scotty has to buy a new helmet, his strap broke and he wants a special one, it is going to be probably a number 8 ball helmet, old fashion style and I will try to get insurance for the bikes, so we plan to hit the road tomorrow around noon and then, we are back on schedule again!

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