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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Red mole road-trip towards Georgetown

Day 25 (350 km)

Not too bad,washboard
Hotel Lethem
     Woke up good and we were looking forward to make the trip to Georgetown, the capital. It is one of these roads where lot of stories is written about. One saying impassible to do in the raining season to halfway decent in the dry season,

Good bridge, the first one out of 100!

getting worse
      We didn't know in which season we are and didn't bother asking, so we took off in a red mole dust from Lethem to get to a river crossing at 7 am, where a ferry only makes 3 crossings a day , 6 am. noon and 6 pm, so I guess we are shooting for the noon one, I hope!  

Ferry Crossing
    The road started out as a washboard and an hour later I already had an headache and loose teeth, so after the first 4 hours making only 100km, 
I realized that we were never going to make the noon ferry, so we stopped  by the only little shop we came accross to drink some cold drinks. The owner said, there is a crossing every hour, so we left in a good mood and the road venn started to get a little better, we could make now 35 km an hour. Reached the ferry around 1 pm and had the luck, she was waiting for us and took us in 10 minutes to the other side, where we had some chicken and rice lunch and more water. By now the motorcycle, us and our luggage was covered by red mole dust and the sun was boiling and nobody you could depend on in asking how many hours more! 

So 2 pm we left and this is where the road became terrible, with everything  you could image, was there, but  the loose sand was the worst and we were so intense busy with steering and not dropping the bike, we still didn't believe afterwards we made it, but not to Georgetown but a place what is called "58" and this was a 24 hour truck stop with no trucks but had all the amenities, gas, food, shower and beer and they were renting out hammocks for people who got stuck , like us and ended spending the night laying in an hammock waiting till day break and as we found out we still had to go then another 4 or 5 hours!

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