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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting near the Equator

Day 32 (481 km)

     Had to do my immigration and bike papers, so 8 am I was standing in front of the Federales to get our entry stamp for 90 days for Brazil. Then went to the custom office and after running around for 2 hours, we had all the necessary documents and took off for the Amazon river and according different people between 6 and 12 hours away. The first 50 km went on a good highway, then the red dust dirt road showed up for another 100 km, so we were covered again in red mole dust and it was 35 degree in the shade, almost ready to die from the heat.  After several stops to get cold water, we reached a brand new road to Macapa what was 400 km away and were finally testing the speed of our bikes and just before dark rolled into Porto Grande about hundred km away from Macapa,  

          where we should catch a barge or boat to Belem, hopefully tomorrow!

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