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Monday, November 26, 2012

Papillion Day

 Day 30 (0 km) 

      Today, we played the tourist and decided to do the trip to Ile Royal, which was a penal colony where the French locked up his unwanted prisoners and political adversaries in the 18 hundreds, up till the last one left in 1953 and the institution was closed, It became famous through a convict Henri Charrierre (Papillion), who wrote a book and actually escaped from the island, he was locked up on. Later the book got filmed with the main character played by Steve McQueen. 

     To get to the islands we had to take a $ 60.00 one hour boat ride to the 3 small islands, walked around the old buildings with their interested stories displayed in and 4 pm the boat returned to Kourou again from where we had to walk to our $ 200.00 room, because there are no taxis in this place! We reached 9 pm after making a few stops to get a beer.

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