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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cartagena, a place for pirates, so I felt home right away.....

Day 14 (250 km)

       Keep having problems with the carburetor. Today a hard start and just made it before the battery died again on me and then an hour later all problems miraculous solved without explanation. The engine in the low rpm 1000 to 2000 sputters and then after that I can go full out. Anyway we left before 7 am and sailed into Cartagena around 11 am and a police escort brought us in front of the hotel in the old historic city, where motorcycles are not allowed because they are get used for robberies and assaults, just like in Honduras. In Cartagena there are hundreds of police present in the streets to keep order and support the tourist industry, actually during last week, we noticed that the police is not out to make money from travelers and drivers, which is the case in Central America, where you will be harassed all day long by them, by trying to fine you for something. Our papers were not asked for once on the road and it seems they do not worry too much about the speed you are driving as well, which is a pleasant attitude the police have here.

After settled in the old hotel. parked the bike for 2 days, we realized that the carnival started with a parade no more as 1 hour after we arrived in front of our hotel.

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