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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lost in Colombia

Day 12 ( 390 km)

     Left Otrance early in the morning to try to get as  close as possible to Cartagena on the coast in the north west on the Atlantic and right after town we hit the road, we always wanted and it took 5 hours to do 90 km,  pictures says it all!

This was the good part

This is were the fun started.......

Getting better!

2,22 min drive in the mountains

     So after we hit the main road close to Medellin, we went north and that was the first mistake, as usual there are no signs and nobody in Colombia or Latin America has the faintest idea where he or she is living, so don't even ask them for directions.... and we kept seeing the sign Santa Marta what was  on the coast as well but more to the east, anyway after about an 160 km, I made the 2nd mistake and we ended up around 5 pm in Bucaramanca, which is a big city close to the Venezuela border. checked into a nice hotel downtown, very dirty and tired and a lot of people in coat suit were starring at us, what made my day! So tomorrow after zigzagging today, we will try again Cartagena, it is a must see city, so we might stay a little longer as planned in Colombia.

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