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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rest day in Merida, Venezuela

Day 18 (0 km)

      Rest day today, had plans to do the longest 12 km, highest cable car up to the 5000 meter plus summit, but it was out of service for maintenance, so we strolled through town, bought a few odds and ends and did our wet laundry. Did look after the bikes, what was loose and that was pretty much it!
     Returned to the hotel and rested again for the next 6 days to cross Venezuela towards the Brazil border, 2000 km away and instead taking the obvious road to go, we wanted to go more south towards the Orinoco river and go through the Llanos , which supposed to be flooded this time of the year and should have an abundance of wildlife, we will see if there are roads there from day to day.

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