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Monday, November 19, 2012

Brazil it took 6650 km to get there!

 Day 23 (328 km)

     El Dorado had his charm, but it would not appeal to the average vacationer, but then we are not average!  There was no gas in town, they were waiting on the gas tanker truck, so we decided to try our luck further down the road by a rowdy village called “Km 88” what was 88 km away from El Dorado. Once arrived, there were big line up of cars to get gas, but moto’s do not have to wait in line, just go to the front and they fill you up. The guy didn’t even bother to collect for the gas and waved us away!
     After leaving El Dorado, immediately we ascended to 1500 meters in a curvy, fantastic paved road and on top of the plateau is what you call the Gran Sabana, which stretches foe another 200 km in a beautiful scenery with lots of water falls, no people living there except a few indigenous Indians and soon after we reached the border Santa Elena, where we filled up for the last time for FREE.
     Checked out of Venezuela in a few seconds and then crossed into Brazil, what took more as 2 hours and 54 photo copies to get the right permits, which they gave us at almost five, so we had to spend the night on the border , Boa Vista, the next town was too far away.
Checked in a Posada for $30.00 and had an fantastic meat  dinner “All you can eat for $ 8.00  and the serve beer by the liters, so the evening could not go wrong, bought some hose clamps and wire to fix my exhaust, which is falling apart, but will look at that tomorrow.

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