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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

33 gallons for one US dollar

Day 17 ( 427 km)

    To get out of Maracaibo, there is only one way and that is to go over the long bridge over the lake to the eastern side and from there the road improved and became a good double lane toll road, but then they do not collect and everyone is make 130 km per hour so in no-while we did 200 km. We had to fill up our tanks and between the 2 of us we had 33 liters, price believe it or not Bolivar 3.50 and to do the math for you with a black market rate of 13 to the dollar, 
it comes out to 33 gallons for one dollar.  It is a joke!



      And then the rain started and we got soaked again Around 3 pm, we found the sort cut over the mountains to Merida. It was a more or less paved road, starting from sea level to 2500 meters in 18 km, with steep inclines and beautiful vista's and it was refreshing to ride, but was 
getting cold it the wet clothes! To get over the pass and going to Merida took longer as we thought and after dark 7 pm, we reached, found an hotel in the centre, parked the bikes in the hallway next to the room, took a hot shower and went for dinner. Steak was sold by the kilo for $16.00 in the restaurant what is very common to order, so we shared 35 ounces of top steak with the $ 0.50 beers
     You hardly can spend your money here!

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