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Saturday, November 3, 2012

COPA flight Panama-Colombia, not Columbia

Day 7 (767 km flying miles)

     Shuttle brought us back 8:30 to the airport again and after having some breakfast in another overpriced snack-bar in the departure hall ($ 27.00 for coffee and 2 donuts each) we boarded our 90 minutes flight to Bogota and on arrival after passing immigration, we changed some money and went looking for our bikes at the cargo terminal which was close with a free shuttle bus and looked for the Girag office.
     It was easy to find and spoke to some one who said that the bikes are not in Colombia yet and still in Panama and to come back on Tuesday  so I was already pissed off after Girag promised me to send the bikes this Saturday and I should have know better and blame myself for believing this was going to happen all so smooth and reality set in immediately, that it was not going to happen soon, so that meant 3 days in Bogota and I actually didn't mind it, 

because I never been here before and soon found out the place to be is the Candeleria in the old centre of town, we looked for a hotel with good internet and this area was buzzling with activities, bars and restaurants, so I think we will manage for 3 days!  maybe even play the gringo tourist and visit the "Museo del Oro", which should be very interested according all guidebooks

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