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Friday, November 23, 2012

I always wanted to go to Suriname!

Day 27 (232 km)

      Heard the rain coming down in buckets around 4 am and was wondering if we were going to leave, but we tried around 8 am but it was still drizzling. we got out of George town in about 20 minutes and were heading East towards the Suriname border on a paved but slow road following the coast and it started to rain heavy non stop, so soon everything was wet again, but had to continue to get the ferry at noon.

     Arrived @ the port we had to go through some unnecessary paperwork to check out of Guyana and had to show insurance, before we could board, so showed him some bogus insurance they accepted and the ferry left around 1 pm with a couple of people and cars and an half hour later, we were in Suriname, saw the immigration guy and he was no trouble and then the customs gay, who asked for insurance as well, so showed him the same papers and he was satisfied, they were all nice to me after they found out I spoke Dutch and it looked like  a hero's welcome, they even wanted to take a ride on the moto's and this was the shortest border crossing sofar, I think less as 15 minutes. Then of course my bad luck started again wit a dead battery and had to use Scotty's to start mine, but it still took more as 2 hours to get it running and almost getting dark and the next town would be an half an hour away, New Nickery.

So we reached just before dark. found a nice hotel and got rid of the wet clothes and 7 pm we were @ restaurant and ordered "Dutch food" Bami, Kroket, Bitter ballen, and Loempia and felt good to eat this stuff in this part of the world.

     All the road signs are in Dutch, as well the menu  and everyone spoke Dutch to my surprise, the only thing weird was that the drive on the left , as in Britain. I do not not know, where that is coming from!  Suriname sofar surprises me a lot and what I always thought might have been truth, that the no good ones went to Holland in the seventies and the good ones stayed behind!

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