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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The waiting game in Bogota started, where are the moto's!

Day 8 (0 km)

     After I had slept on a cement bed, I woke up around 8 in the morning with some serious back problems and was still dizzy of all the noise in the hotel from last night. Went for breakfast and their were no cars on the road, only pedestrians and bicycles were allowed on Sunday, what made it eerie quiet.

     The whole city is crowded with walking police in yellow jacket and I think they are outnumbered by the rest of the people on the street as well you can see their is a very great difference between rich and poor, even me living in Honduras and should be used to this, it was shocking to see the poverty and sometimes a gang of them (20), crowded a bus of all ages and it look liked a whole tribe took over and were loud in their indigenous language, which wasn't Spanish.
     The streets were covered with hobo's and beggars  and it did not picture  Bogota, as being a prosperous city or atleast not the old town centre of Calderia.

     After we had a coffee, we went to visit the "Museo de Oro", which was very interested and all explanations was in Spanish and English and on Sunday nobody had to pay entry fee for museums in Colombia, and that is probably why a lot of Colombians visits museums on these days.

 The main attractions in the museum were the gold displays from up to 4000 years ago from this part of the world and was displayed in a entertaining and educative way.
after 2 hours in the building, it was enough for us and left.

      In the early part of the afternoon, we walked to the funicular railway, that brought us to the top of "Cerro de Montserat" which has a monastry on top of the mountain 3200 meters high and from where you had a pretty good view over the city and there must have been thousands of people, doing the same thing, down we went with the cable car and that was enough for me playing a tourist for the day!

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