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Sunday, November 25, 2012

French Guiana, just like France, but double the price!

Day 29 ( 213 km)

     Day started out bad, we had 2 dead batteries, the good part was we discovered it around 8 am, so we still had 6 hours to fix it before the ferry left for French Guiana.
Scotties was short of acid so after buying a bottle, we got his started, I decided to buy a new one, but they only had 12 amps instead of 14 what I used to have and it said me back $ 100.00 US, but on the end I could get one in this border place, what was not more as an hole, completely run by Chinese as mostly anything is done in Suriname and the Guyana's! just around we had the bikes running again, but Scotty had some problems with losing cooling water, so he bought some Stopleak to stop the leak.

    Got on the ferry for 15 euro each and an half an hour we where in France, they stamped our passport and I guess we could stay for ever now as an European citizen, asked the guy from customs about the bikes and all he asked for if our papers are in order and after we said yeah, he told us good luck on your trip to Brazil. 
No paperwork was necessary, so theoretically the bike could stay as long as we want! 
   We took off, but the bad luck started again and Scotty's engine was overheating, I believe the water is not circulating and the fan is not kicking in, but as long as we were driving under 80 km an hour, the temperature stays just under the red and that is after dark when it is cool. The moment we idling the temperature shoots up, so we have to take care of this tomorrow.

We ended up in Kordou around 9 pm, this is where the European space shuttle program takes place and our first shock was the gas price $ 10.00 a gallon or 1.76 Euro a liter, then the hotel was $200.00 a night, so we have to get the hell out of this country fast, even McDonald hamburger combo was $ 15.00

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