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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting out of French Guyane with no Euro’s left!


Day 31 (300 km)

       Woke up around 6 am and this day could change the whole trip if we cannot fix Scotty’s radiator/pump problems, so we went to the industrial area, where a motorcycle repair shop supposed to be and there wasn’t, so we decided to shoot for the capitol Cayenne and try to keep the engine of running hot, so an hour later we hit the capitol. Some fellows showed us the mechanic shop ad it was actually a Kawasaki dealer. The service department says 49 euro an hour and told us they got time next week Wednesday! So we left and decided to get the hell out of French Guyane and try to reach the Brazil border.
Bridge to nowhere
      Then finally luck start getting in our favor and ran into a Frenchman in a gas station, who was interested in our bikes and start asking about our trip. After mentioning him our problem, he said follow me and 2 minutes later we were at a professional repair centre, just for radiators  and introduced us to the owner, who was a bike rider as well and he said, he would fix  it. I took the radiator off quick , he cleaned the inside, which was clogged up from the “Stopleak”, I put in 2 days ago, put it on the test bank, found the hair crack caused by vibration, welded it and 2 hours later we left for the 4 hour ride to the border, everything running perfect again. He didn’t charge a cent!  Nice fellow he was.

    The trip to the border was through a very nice rain forest on a new curvy road with no traffic and did not pass a single house alongside the road and just before 6 pm reached St George the border town on the French side of the river, got our exit stamp from the Gendarmerie and looked at the brand new built bridge over the river to Brazil, but were not allowed to use it, because it was a bridge to nowhere! There was not a road yet on the Brazil side, so had to go to the waterfront a few km back and try to get a small boat across.  They carried us for 35 euro each in 2 trips across and around 7pm we both were on the other side and went to the nearest town to look for an hotel, so that we could process our immigration and bike papers the next day.

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