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Friday, November 9, 2012

Trying to get to Cartagena

Day 13 (405 km)

     Bad start again, this time when I try to start, the battery lost power so I had to open up the moto again and then reconnect the terminals and was sweating already before 8 am and cursing the Kawasaki people from 2 days ago, not to have fasten it properly, so around nine we left for direction Cartagena. The first few hours the road went through a small mountain range and the road had many twist and curves , but slow trucks kept us from going full out most of the time and one truck  trying to keep up with us, found a shortcut and ended of the road down a 100 feet into the water, so we had to wait an hour or so.

     After the two tow-trucks pulled the trailer up the road again, we were allowed to pass and continued north on a boring straight road, but at least we were going fast in the right direction.

     Close to the Venezuela border there was a place in the middle of nowhere with no houses, just cheap built, home made gas stations, there must have been 200 of them one after the other and they were selling contraband gas and diesel and every truck and car was filling up out of barrels and all you saw was funnels and hoses and the whole road, air was smelling to diesel even the road was slippery from oil and diesel, I guess by being close to the border, everyone is trying to get the Venezuelan fuel into Colombia, The price in Venezuela is $ 0.04 a gallon and in Colombia $ 5.00, so someone is making money here!  Looking forward filling up in Venezuela next week, they say sometimes you do not even have to pay, just buy a coke!

     Around sunset we had enough of it, after the low sun was burning up our faces and hardly could see the potholes and we checked into a cheap motel, but had a/c for $ 16.00, it has a restaurant and sells beer and that is where I am heading right now for the evening. No internet, so have to post this in Cartagena!
Tomorrow Cartagena for lunch, we should be there soon want it is only 250 km away according the map!

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